The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydro-informatics and continuing education and training. IAHR stimulates and promotes both research and it's application and by doing so it strives to contribute to sustainable development, the optimisation of world water resources management and industrial flow processes.
       IAHR accomplishes its goals by a wide variety of member activities including working groups, research agenda, congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and short courses; journals, monographs and proceedings; by involvement in international programs such as UNESCO, WMO, IDNDR, GWP, ICSU and by co-operation with other water-related (inter)national organisations.
       IAHR consists of 3 academic sessions, covering its 16 technical committee, IAHR AWG belongs to hydraulics (IAHR Hydraulics), one of the 6 Committee of the water conservancy machinery and Systems Committee (Committee on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems). The international conference, held every two years, has the most important influence in the field of hydraulic machinery. The main topics of the conference include: water turbine and pump, hydropower, hydraulic system, advanced computing and experimental methods, industrial and special field applications.
       In order to conform to the trend of hydropower development in Asia, the academic committee IAHR announced establishment of IAHR hydraulic machinery and systems in Asia Working Group (AWG-IAHR) in September 2014, during the twenty-seventh IAHR hydraulic machinery and Systems International Conference (27th Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems). Professor Wang Zhengwei as the leader in this working group, organized IAHR of hydraulic machinery Asian association, at Tsinghua University.

The duties and purpose of AWG-IAHR

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